Customizing high fashion Dukas shoes
Customizing high fashion Dukas shoes

Production of a special cosmetic brush to customize the heel of a woman shoe of the brand Dukas.

Segment high fashion accessories
Customer Dukas Chatzidoukas, designers of high fashion women's shoes
Project to embed the head of a brush in the high heel of a woman shoe new model
Project development period december 2012
Project launch january 2013
Customer's needs The brush ferrule should be resistant, have specific sizes in order to be inserted in the heel during the production, the length of the hair should stay below the crown of the shoe and the head should be perfectly perforated at the center; the coating must be durable so not to get damaged during the process and present the logo of the brand.

The color of the filament and the ferrule must perfectly match the ten samples of fabric / leather provided by the designer, the type of brush is a make-up brush.
PennelliFaro's solution Pennelli Faro works on customer's requirements and design the head of a powder brush with medium length, with an extemely resistant ferrule, perfectly sized for the heel, the logo indelibly printed on laser and a through hole adapted to hold the base of the heel.

The colors of synthetic filament used, fit with all of the samples provided by the customer and create a brush head dense and full. The ferrule has a crowned tuft which can be quickly and securely incorporated into the heel.

The lacquer finish of the ferrule is chosen specifically to provide exceptional performance in color and durability, suitable for the footwear industry.
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