Fine Arts

Fine Arts
Tradition and listening to the market

For over 40 years Pennelli Faro has produced in Italy lines of handmade custom brushes for artists, brands and major chains, schools and academy students: brushes for restoration, all hobby and painting techniques, even the most refined. Fine arts brushes for both personal and professional use. With our clients we create a relationship of trust and exchange, so the products are built together.

In 2010 Pennelli Faro bought the historical factory Borciani e Bonazzi, that has been making Fine Art brushes for over half a century.

A wide range of offerings, with fine arts brushes that are already popular on the market, is accompanied by the ability to ask our technical staff, highly qualified with decades of experience, for an ad hoc brush, designed, tested and manufactured for specific needs.

The materials used, from the head to the handle, are subject to continuous quality controls, which precede, accompany and follow the whole manufacturing process. A graphic design and marketing studio is available to study marketing materials to complement the products with effective communication tools on the products and in the stores.

The customization can involve the entire brush, from the head to the handle.

COMPOSITION: the bristles used for the brushes are meticulously selected, from pure kolinsky sable to natural bleached bristle. The synthetic fibres are of top quality, selected according to their technical characteristics of durability, stiffness and elasticity.

SHAPE: our brushes are handmade in Italy using handcrafted techniques that still have a traditional workshop flavour, ensuring a quality that can make our customers proud. Certain classic brushes are indispensable to our customers' assortments, but we also manufacture made-to-order and custom project items, studying side by side to create lines of custom brushes that are in step with the most requested cutting edge artistic techniques, consistent with the target market.

FERRULE: like tailors, we customize the lines of brushes from head to toe. The ferrule is a critical part of the brush, where the shape is given to the head and natural bristles or synthetic fibres are fastened. The qualitative selection is a critical step: it is done with care, considering the ultimate goal of the brush, which must provide durability and perfect application.

HANDLE: a graphic design and marketing studio is available to study the line, colours and finishes of the handle consistent with the brands. FSC certified wooden handles, lacquered or raw, to be customized with colour and graphics.

PRINT: the handle of a cosmetic brush is thin, elongated, tapered... with little space, Pennelli Faro makes it a strong communication tool, by studying the best graphics to convey essential, distinctive and functional brand information (brand, use, bar code). Prints produced on request with the latest techniques, single-colour, four-color, embossed, indelible.

FULL SERVICE: a team dedicated to the creation of the marketing tools provided along with the lines of custom brushes: unique or eco-friendly packaging, multilingual texts to support the accessories, training tools, showcase signs, displays, brush holders.

COMPLIANCE WITH TERMS: listening, punctuality, on time delivery to guarantee compliance with launches, continuity of selection, fluid and precise planning.
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