Research & Development

Tradition helps to face experimentation. Experimentation is useful not only to satisfy the market, but to go further, to win the amazement of our customers. Our workplaces are actually observation points, travellers' seats.

Research and Development at Pennelli Faro is expressed on five main levels:
  1. creating brush shapes to facilitate the application of the product and get new, professional-grade effects
  2. selecting advanced fibres suitable for new textures and products - finding new formulations, blends of bristles and fibres aimed at the effectiveness of the result. This study has led to the patent for the first dermatologically tested synthetic fibre, Dermocura®, with amazing characteristics: professional performance, durability, gentleness, simplicity and extremely enjoyable application
  3. offering the option of appealing and durable finishes for the handles, high-definition durable multicolour prints, environmentally friendly packaging
  4. offering graphic design and marketing support in the project definition phase, to ensure speed of development, originality and creative quality.
  5. conception, visualization, creation. The taste for challenges, hard to say no: Pennelli Faro, propelled by a trend of increasing demand, creates applications and accessories for high fashion for major brands.
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