Hand-written by Luigi Zanafredi, the "recipes" for the production of brushes are guarded like precious scrolls. Pennelli Faro still believes and invests in the value of craftsmanship and technique, which are its tradition and its zenith.

Skill in doing
Those engaged in the manual production of the brushes have been selected based on the characteristics required by the job and their personal attitude. They are mostly women, whose hands are precious: thin, industrious and capable of meticulous handcrafted finishes. The training is lengthy and requires patience and dedication, and a willingness to stay up to date. The growth of Pennelli Faro over time, a benchmark for quality at a national and international level, is a point of pride for all.

Skill in being 
Pennelli Faro wants to offer the market not only physical objects but also services, people, places, organization and ideas, all with the spirit of craftsmanship and Italian style
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