The perfect brush for each formulation

For over 40 years Pennelli Faro has produced in Italy lines of handmade custom brushes for cosmetics: brushes for face makeup, treatments, nails, body painting, sets for schools, makeup artists, accessories, promotional brushes, one shots, limited editions. 100% customization of lines and items for cosmetics comes from knowing that every product needs the right tool to provide the desired result. An application with a poor quality cosmetic brush could affect the successful outcome of a treatment or makeup, thus also disqualifying the product itself.

The customization applies to the whole cosmetic brush, from the head to the handle:

COMPOSITION: carefully selected natural bristles thanks to the technical experience gained by Pennelli Faro in the field of fine arts since its beginnings, top quality synthetic fibres, patented DERMOCURA dermatologically tested fibre, which can be produced in many eye-catching shades.

SHAPE: our brushes are handmade in Italy using handcrafted techniques that still have a traditional workshop flavour, ensuring a quality that the most prestigious brands still seek. There are shapes of brushes now indispensable in the beauty cases of our customers, but we also manufacture made-to-order and custom project items, studying side by side to create custom lines of cosmetic brushes that are consistent with the target market, effective and beautiful.

FERRULE: like tailors, we customize the lines of brushes from head to toe. The ferrule is a critical part of the brush, where the shape is given to the head and natural bristles or synthetic fibres are fastened. After a thorough qualitative selection process, Pennelli Faro offers the option to customize the ferrule to create a unique tool, distinguished, expressing the quality of the image and the products to be applied.

HANDLE: a graphic design and marketing studio is available to study the line, colours and finishes of the handle consistent with the brands. Metal, wood or plastic handles, made of recyclable and luxurious materials, with professional or retail cuts, with an eccentric or green appeal.

PRINT: the handle of a cosmetic brush is thin, elongated, tapered... with little space, Pennelli Faro makes it a strong communication tool, by studying the best graphics to convey essential and distinctive brand information. Prints produced on request with the latest techniques, single-colour, four-color, embossed, indelible photo realistic.

FULL SERVICE: a team dedicated to the creation of the marketing tools provided along with the lines of custom brushes: unique or eco-friendly packaging, multilingual texts to support the accessories, training tools, showcase signs, displays, clutch bags.

COMPLIANCE WITH TERMS: listening, punctuality, on time delivery to guarantee compliance with launches, continuity of selection, fluid and precise planning.
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