About us

Born from an intuition 

Casalmaggiore, Italy, 1971. Luigi Zanafredi and his wife Renata are in their company's lab when they have a brainwave: convert their experience in manufacturing industrial brushes, a sector that is already saturated, into a company to produce brushes, yes, but for artists. Pennelli Faro is born.

Ten years later, driven by passion and creativity, confident in their ever growing experience and technical know-how in the fine arts field, they launch a second private label production line, which soon becomes the heart of their business: brushes for cosmetics. It still is today, thanks to their daughter Sara Zanafredi and her husband Gianluca Serposi, who still work with the same spirit.

Sartorial vocation

A restored work, good makeup, fragments of life that enrich us and make the world more refined. Pennelli Faro knows that applying a product with a suitable, quality brush makes all the difference between creating beauty or not. Our vision: to make customized brushes with the same craftsmanship and spirit of a tailor who sews a dress according to the taste and characteristics of the person who will wear it, by listening to the requirements for the product, the texture, the technique and the image.

Without frontiers

Our customers are located in many countries, and although we are based in Italy, our minds travel around the world every day. Our customers appreciate us for that too, for our proactivity, our fast answers and supplies. Customer care and the marketing department are multi-lingual, to follow our customers and ensure clear and effective communication.

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