Pennelli Faro: sustainable identity.

CEO Sara Zanafredi and Gianluca Serposi illustrate their point of view on one of the most current topics, not only in the cosmetics field.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability for Pennelli Faro is not just a trend, it is a corporate value and a lifestyle.

A company founded in the 1970s by the Zanafredi family, Pennelli Faro has always been expressing a strong sense of responsibility towards future generations. With the expansion and growth of the company, this awareness has been strengthened by acknowledging that our choices affect not only our business, but have a broader impact.

We are aware that the planet's resources are limited and that’s why every manufacturing and industrial reality has the ethical and moral duty to use them responsibly, with low environmental impact, favouring multi-use and recycling processes.

Since the creation of the new production plant, we have decided to make sustainable choices in every possible area. That has been applied to the buildings of our production plant and headquarters, the production processes, and finally to the development and production of the products themselves.

The company is built and designed following the most modern green technologies.
All company facilities are 100% powered with renewable and clean energy.

The energy source used for the heating and cooling system is geothermal; the entire production plant is powered by green electricity, produced by photovoltaic panels that cover the entire surface of the rooftop.Since the inauguration of the new plant, 952,000 kw of clean energy have been produced, which has allowed us to save a quantity of 742 tons of CO2. The same CO2 amount that could be absorbed by a forest of more than 11,000 trees. From an energy-saving perspective, the buildings are completely illuminated by low-consumption LED lamps, automatically adapting to solar light, and guaranteeing the correct amount of light, thus eliminating waste of artificial lighting.

In the manufacturing area, we constantly design and improve tasks to reduce energy consumption.

The production is fully powered by self-generated electricity through the photovoltaic system, without the use of water. The technology involved is also used to manage and continuously reduce energy consumption.

Moreover, the product is the result of continuous investments in R&D with the goal to select the most sustainable raw materials, infinitely recyclable and originating from the recycling process.

The most significant example of this achievement is the ECOSOPHY® project, a line of green brushes, produced with raw materials deriving from infinitely recyclable food packaging waste. ECOSOPHY® is just the most iconic element of the company’s environmental philosophy, which offers to the cosmetic market a range of brushes produced with clean energy, renewable and recyclable raw materials.

Is it just a philosophical choice?

The sustainable footprint for Pennelli Faro has a double meaning.
Sustainability is a lifestyle. Sustainability is a way to reduce waste and consequently costs.

Sustainable choices are solutions that result in a smart use of resources, which involve an initial investment in terms of innovation, research and selection of raw materials and technologies, but that in the medium and long term have a return not only in terms of reduced consumption but also of cost savings.

This cost reduction is reflected in every single product and the customer can benefit from it as well.
It’s one of the elements that allow us to keep production entirely Made in Italy with competitive costs without sacrificing quality.

What are your future goals?

Our goal is to keep taking tangible and continuous steps in the implementation of strategies to reduce waste and select increasingly green raw materials.

For example, a digitalisation process of the administrative sector is underway, that will allow us to drastically reduce the use of paper, limiting it to what is required by law.

In the logistic field, a conversion is also moving towards the usage of completely ecological packaging material.

Pennelli Faro, a company with a sustainable identity.

Sustainability for Pennelli Faro is therefore not only a popular trend, but a set of "smart" values and choices aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the company itself, its production processes and consequently to minimise the environmental footprint of the products offered to the cosmetic market.

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