Poured solid soap for make-up brushes and sponges

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Project poured solid soap for make-up brushes and sponges
Description The idea of this cleaning soap originates from the need of an efficient, easy to use and natural cleanser. Its formula is multipurpose and suitable for both synthetic and natural hair brushes, as well as make-up sponges and blenders.
It has unique characteristics with only simple and completely vegetal ingredients. It is neutral, moisturizing, enriched with essential oils and has a light pleasant scent.
It works well with both warm and cold water, eliminates dirt and germs that usually remain on the make-up applicators.
The soap is poured straight into a customizable aluminium tin with a screw type lid.
It does not contain either colourants or irritating substances.
Size: 100 gr
Benefits This soap perfectly cleans brushes, accessories and make-up sponges from the rests of make-up products, even in the case of creamy textures.
It prevents brushes’ natural hair from hardening and drying up, thanks to its conditioning ingredients which also have a healing effect on the tuft by maintaining and improving its softness, flexibility and shininess.
With synthetic hair and sponges, it cleanses delicately but still very deeply.
The system of pouring the soap in the tin allows using the product easily and completely, without any waste.
After drying, brushes and sponges will be clean, soft and delicately scented.
The PENNELLI FARO poured soap is entirely produced in Italy, cruelty free, vegan and easy to carry with you when travelling.


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