Tip and Blend foundation brush

Segment cosmetic
Project Foundation brush with tip
Description This very particular and innovative brush has been developed studying the way foundation, bb cream, concealer, creamy eyeshadow and lips make-up are usually applied. 
It has a rounded shape with a central tip in relief and it is made of a synthetic, dermatologically tested fiber  which name DERMOCURA  is registered. Given its special shape, a small quantity of liquid or cream product can be poured directly on its tip, without having to pour it first on the back of one’s hand, thus avoiding any  product waste and bacterial contamination. 
The particular tip allows dotting precisely the surface with make-up only in the desired areas, even in very limited zones, enabling  the creation of chiaroscuro effects according to various refined contouring techniques. The domed portion of the brush is used to spread the product with circular movements, performing a massage  that spreads the colors evenly on the skin, merging them without any streaks. 
Tip & Blend is a new way to apply make-up, a concept that can combine, in a simply brush touch, contouring, camouflage and aesthetic make-up application.
Benefits Exclusive product, customizable article, no waste product, possibility of dosing the product and depositing it on difficult areas such as around the eyes; synthetic, dermatologically tested yarn, extreme silkiness, innovative, precise and uniform application.
Registration Patent for industrial invention - N° MO2015A000085 of 17 April 2015


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