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Jay Gorga
Hello, my name is Jay Gorga, I’m the publisher of Beauty Packaging Magazine and we're at the ‘Make Up in LA Show’ with Pennelli Faro, one of the leading brush manufacturers in the world, based in Italy. I'm here with two of the principals: Maurizio Arletti and Sara Zanafredi and they're going to tell us a little bit about their company, their manufacturing, facilities and some of the unique fibers that they use in their brushes.
Sara Zanafredi
Hello, we are a brush manufactory since 1971; our facilities, our factory, are based in Italy close to the Crema cosmetic district. We are here to show our brushes and especially our innovation concerning synthetic fibers. We patented our own fibers almost 10 years ago; our fiber is called ‘Dermocura’ and it's the first dermatologically tested and cruelty free fiber for what concern cosmetic brush manufacturing.
Maurizio Arletti
We have here to present some more new items as well; we just developed some new shapes, some new types of brushes for different applications. They've been patented already and they are having a very good success on the market and we are showing them to our customers in LA for the first time in the States.
Jay Gorga
Sara, can you show us some of your latest innovations?
Sara Zanafredi
Yes, yes. This is our latest innovation concerning our ‘Origami Brush Collection’. This is a patented brush line and, what is the particular shape of these brushes? It is made to follow perfectly the line of the contours of the face. Those brushes are for applying foundation and those one are for applying powdering products.
Jay Gorga
Beautiful, very nice. Thank you very much and good luck at the show.
Sara & Maurizio
Thank you.
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