Made in Italy: Sara Zanafredi, CEO di Pennelli Faro, intervistata da Beauty Packaging


Con una ricca storia culturale nell’estetica del design, l’Italia è un trendsetter a livello globale per innovazione nei settori cosmetica, cura della persona e profumi. Sara Zanafredi racconta l’esperienza Pennelli Faro, produttore leader di pennelli per cosmesi Made in Italy.

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Artisanally Italian

Sara Zanafredi, CEO of Pennelli Faro Srl of Casalmaggiore, Italy, feels the Italian approach to beauty packaging design imbues elements of inspiration, perfection and uniqueness. “[We are] inspired and made curious by every idea and excitement around us, [about the] possibility and capacity to turn this inspiration into true skill, by finding the best raw materials, the best production process, artisanal attention and care to the finest and smallest detail in order to create a real masterpiece in every product or tool we manufacture,” she says.

Zanafredi says that there are many trends influencing the beauty, cosmetic and personal care products produced in Italy. “Above all…everybody is looking for a high quality level in the application, materials and processes, [as well as] constant research together with artisanal care of details,” she says, adding that this approach preserves the tradition of quality.

Pennelli Faro, a leading manufacturer of makeup brushes, takes an artisanal approach to producing its products. The company’s latest innovation, the Tip & Blend foundation brush, was developed after an in-depth study of foundation application. The brush has a rounded shape with a central tip in relief, and dermatologically tested synthetic bristles. “Thanks to its special shape, you can pour a small amount of liquid or cream foundation straight from the spout onto the tip, without first pouring it onto the back of your hand to avoid product waste and bacterial contamination,” Zanafredi says. “The tip allows you to dot your face with foundation only in the desired areas and also in very limited areas, thus enabling you to create light and shade according to various contouring techniques. The dome portion of the brush serves to spread the product with circular movements, performing a massage on the face that allows the color to be deposited on the skin, merging without leaving any streaks.”

“We manufacture each brush with craftsmanship: highest quality materials, attention to detail, natural sense of beauty and true passion for what we do,” Zanafredi says. “Innovation is very important for us.”

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