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Now in the hands of second-generation owners, private label brush manufacturer Pennelli Faro prides itself on the quality, service and innovation on which they have grown their business. Focused also on innovation, the company is currently completing an investment in production and logistics that will allow them to double their production capacities next year. Like their current facilities, it will be completely sustainable—without any impact on the environment.
Maurizio Arletti, Export Manager, Pennelli Faro, provides some details.

Jamie Matusow: How have you built your reputation for quality makeup brushes?

Maurizio Arletti: Pennelli Faro was established in 1971 in the Italian cosmetic district around Cremona and has grown to become a major supplier of high-quality Private Label makeup brushes for the whole industry. Quality, service and innovation are what we built our success on. The “Made in Italy” that quite a few of our customers wish to have printed on the handles together with their logo, summarizes these three points.

Matusow: How does being a second-generation family-owned company add to Pennelli Faro’s success?

Arletti: Having direct control of all activities helps to focus our strategies on creating brushes for our customers that can be sold with the necessary confidence that their end consumer will never be disappointed and will always have the most advanced and innovative applicators.

Matusow: You are doubling your production capacities next year? Working with new sustainable materials?

Arletti: We are currently completing an investment in production and logistics that will allow us to double our production capacities next year, maintaining the quality and attention to detail that we have become famous for. Pennelli Faro will also continue developing new patented brushes that make the application of new formulas easier and more effective.Our R&D is continuously working on new and innovative materials as well, including the use of recyclable and ecologically sustainable ones.

Matusow: How important is the U.S. market to you?

Arletti: The American market is extremely important to us, both for its size and because it is always looking for innovations and constancy of quality. These are characteristics that we are confident of being able to offer at a much higher level than our competitors from China or other countries that can offer lower prices. We are very glad that most of our new customers in the U.S. feel much more confident to put their company’s name on our brushes, even if they are a little more expensive.

Matusow: What are you most proud of about the company? What might the industry not know about Pennelli Faro?

Arletti: We are completely autonomous in terms of energy consumption in our entire company. We use only energy coming from our own solar panels and geothermic plant. Completely sustainable and without any impact on the environment. We are proud of that, and an increasing number of customers appreciate that aspect as well. Pennelli Faro is also one of the companies in our area and field of activity with the highest number of registered patents.

Matusow: What are your goals for the company in the next few years?

Arletti: We definitely want to continue our strong growth in all international markets and to continue being considered as a very reliable and innovative supplier, capable of following the needs of our clients in having personalized brushes that give the best performance in the application of all makeup products and help make it easier for their customers to do it.

Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief

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