TIP&BLEND® Perfect Lips

Perfection and precision.
This is what is required for a perfect RED LIPS makeup.
In order to get a smudge-proof and long-lasting result, the secret lies in the application, which cannot be perfect without a tool specifically developed to draw the contour of the lips and then to fill in giving a full and uniform result.

Thanks to the TIP & BLEND® Perfect Lips brush application, the makeup will be perfect and you will be reaching the most difficult areas, like mouth corners.
The TIP & BLEND® Perfect Lips brush allows the lipstick to be applied in two easy steps with intuitive gestures.
TIP&BLEND® Perfect Lips

Step 1

The tip allows you to draw and outline the lip contour with a precision line application.
TIP&BLEND® Perfect Lips

Step 2

The rounded part of the brush fills in the lips and allows full or ombré effects.
It is also ideal for spreading lip ink, liquid and matt formulas, without any smudging.
TIP&BLEND® Perfect Lips

Step 3

While not being used, TIP & BLEND® Perfect Lips can be closed with a protective metal cap.
This guarantees total hygiene to avoid contamination and stains when placed back in the beauty tool kit. 
TIP&BLEND® Perfect Lips is an exclusive international patent by Pennelli Faro. 

The fibre density of the TIP & BLEND® Perfect Lips applicator can be formulated and adapted to the specific texture of your lip product.
TIP & BLEND® Perfect Lips is available also without metal ring, to be assembled on the stick and inserted into a flaconette.
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