Tip and Blend foundation brush video


Tip and Blend is an innovative product created to apply both liquid and compact foundation and makeup bases.
The Tip and Blend foundation brush is made with a special synthetic fibre called Dermocura, that has been developed by our Research and Development team.
It is both dermatologically tested and cruelty free.
Tip and Blend was created with a special manufacturing technique that maintains the shape and particularly this central tip unaltered and compact over time.
This central point is the heart of the product. It is used to apply makeup precisely and specifically, to various areas of the face, creating those chiaroscuro effects used especially in contouring.
Contouring techniques create those chiaroscuro effects deliberately using makeup in various hues; with Tip and Blend these can be dosed and mixed together quickly and easily for a soft, natural effect.
The Tip and Blend brush's special shape allows you to dose the makeup directly onto its central tip avoiding any microbial contamination.
The Tip and Blend brush is particularly suitable for corrective, camouflage makeup, using thick and particularly covering makeup bases.
With Tip and Blend these can be dosed, or micro-dosed, easily providing a very natural effect but with a good coverage.

The Tip and Blend brush has this special central tip enabling you to dispense and apply makeup accurately even to difficult areas such as the hairline, the eyelid and all around the eyes.
You can create interesting light’s points below the eyebrows and highlight cheekbones and facial contours.
Once makeup has been applied, you can blend it with just a few simple gestures for a homogeneous final result.
Using a single Tip and Blend brush you can apply several colours shades blending them gradually to obtain a soft, velvety makeup effect, fast and accurately.

This video shows the new Tip and Blend foundation brush, that has been developed on the basis of a study of makeup application habits.

This new brush is made with Dermocura synthetic fibre - dermatologically tested and cruelty free - and it was created after months of development and design research, carried out by Pennelli Faro Research and Development team. This makeup brush is therefore the result of in-house innovation and, for its high-performance and cutting-edge qualities in makeup industry, Pennelli Faro decided to register this product, for which the Industrial Invention Patent nr. MO2015A000085 was registered on April 17th, 2015.

The video contains a detailed description of the brush made by Sara Zanafredi - Pennelli Faro President and CEO - and it features makeup artist Antonella Bravi, showing the potential and high-quality performance obtained when using this new brush for foundation application. Tip and Blend foundation brush has a rounded shape with a central tip, designed to accurately dispense and apply foundation - either liquid, compact or powder - not only to the cheeksbones and forehead, but even to difficult face areas such as all around the eyes, the nose, the chin, and the hairline.

Tip and Blend foundation brush allows to create interesting light and dark contrasts using the contouring makeup technique and it also works great with the camouflage technique.

The rounded part of the brush enables you to apply the foundation with simple circular gestures, while also giving a pleasant massage to the face, allowing the foundation to blend perfectly on the skin without any trace of brush marks. It therefore provides a very natural, accurate and smooth makeup result.

It's important to notice that the special shape of the Tip and Blend brush, featuring an embossed tip, allows you to dose the foundation directly on the central tip, avoiding any microbial contamination of the makeup.

The Tip and Blend foundation brush series is a Pennelli Faro exclusive creation, it is manufactured in Italy and it can be customized for shape, size and type of fiber, according to the client's specific requirements.
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