The Tip and Blend brush on COSSMA - the international journal of cosmetic industry


The Tip and Blend brush is mentioned as one of the innovative products at MakeUp in New York on the October 2015 issue of COSSMA – the international trade journal for deciders in the cosmetics industry world-wide.

In an article that takes a closer look at what was on show at MakeUp in New York on September 9-11, the Tip and Blend brush is mentioned as one of the products that were selected for the Innovations Tree at the event. The 26 products featured on this Tree were selected by a professional jury as the most innovatives in different categories: Formulation, Packaging, Full Service and Accessories.

The Tip and Blend brush was among the winning products in the category Accessories:

«Pennelli Faro’s Tip and Blend brush – the article says – has been developed by studying how foundations are applied. It has a rounded shape with a central tip in relief and is made from dermatologically tested and registered synthetic hair. Due to its shape, a small amount of liquid or cream foundation can be poured straight onto the tip without having to put it on the back of your hand first. Thus no product is wasted or contaminated by bacteria.»

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