The 5 top trends for the cosmetic market 2017-2018


Discover the 5 most popular trends in the Makeup and Skincare market for the next biennium

What are consumers expecting for the next two years in the cosmetic market? What are the values and pluses that the user of the beauty product is looking for?

In the next seasons, makeup and skincare will be key elements in a new approach to the lifestyle of a consumer who is more attentive to the quality, to the effectiveness, to the immediate results, but with a deep connection with a soul that is green and sustainable.

Explore the essence of the emerging trends in this quick tour. Find out what will be the 5 top trends that will matter most in the beauty industry looking ahead to the next months.

We identified the 5 segments that will set the guidelines of the cosmetics market. Discover where to find your inspiration for your new successful launches for the seasons to come.

TREND #1       Syntetic: A Sustainable Choice + Ultra Performance

Consumers worldwide and especially in Europe are more and more conscious of the effects and impacts of their purchasing choices on the environment and on society. Consumers choose products with a knowledge of raw materials and source origins like never before.

At the same time, the market requires top performing items that reach the highest levels of effectiveness and innovation.

Consequently, companies have to turn their choices avoiding animal derived ingredients and components by developing natural identic materials that overtake the performances of conventional materials.

Technology, R&D and innovation are the tools to develop and create solutions that are not only environmentally and ethically respectful, but that also give consumers highly performing advanced materials.

The effects of these choices are various and extremely interesting for companies:

  • sustainable raw materials don’t impact the ecosystem and biodiversity
  • companies can constantly rely on their availability, and with stable quality standards
  • synthetic supplies confer the final product performances higher than a conventional natural one
  • technological elements can be modified and customised for an array of uses other than those traditional ones can cover
  • choosing synthetic and sustainable raw materials allow societies to use highly spendable claims
The use of green technological raw materials guarantees high levels of quality, sustainability and longer lasting performances.

The beauty world is geared towards this direction especially in the accessories for the makeup and personal care tools.

In the development of new launches, companies cannot avoid considering a change towards a perspective of sustainable and 100% vegan-friendly productions.

TREND #2      Skincare = Instant Beauty: Innovation And Technology With a Natural Soul

Technology and innovation are the keywords for the beauty compartment.


As long as consumers are concerned with the impact of pollution and a more stressful lifestyle, they look for innovative skincare solutions with a link to the natural soul of formulations.

Ingredients are therefore merged from other science fields to integrate into formulas hypertechnological active ingredients.

Probiotics: the new frontier for Dermocosmetics

The Probiotic trend is gradually making its way into skincare. Consumers are becoming more curious with probiotic microbes and bacteria, to obtain immediate results.

At the same time, Dermocosmetics, which fill in the gaps between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, create new opportunities for brands.

On the other hand, natural actives are technologically revised to develop top performing formulations.

Finally, Skincare, such as Makeup, is a matter of Experts: the dermatological inspired brands will be increasingly in vogue and will present a growth opportunity for companies that operate in the high range of the market.

TREND #3      Nautral Ethical Sustainability


Sustainable, zero waste, 100% infinetly recyclable are the keywords for the era to come.

Consumers and companies are definitely going towards the sustainability of natural ethical processes in all lifestyle areas, from food to home design. The cosmetic field is one of the most important segments of this new trend.
Ethical living is increasingly becoming a daily value of today’s consumers, especially focusing on social and environmental issues. A responsible attitude comes to profoundly affect the spending behaviour.

Sustainability is driving Beauty consumer purchases.

Researches outline that 51% of purchases globally are influenced by the eco and social involvement of companies. For brands, issues such as fair trade and recyclable packaging are an imperative, as it is a stand into sustainable and social actions at the product level as much as across the company identity.

Less is more: the Nordic Sensibility

Scandinavian Countries are in an era of great popularity among other European nations for culture, lifestyle and values.

Wellbeing and concern for the social happiness of the population, pollution control and environmental policies are key topics in these cultures.

Authenticity, minimalistic design, transparency in labelling and safety standards are the main values of the Nordic sensibility, which is becoming an inspiration for consumers.

This movement, together with the need of users to find immersive experiences, leads brand to include into product design elements inspired by this sensibility through earthly effects and clean lines.

TREND #4      HD BEAUTY: Beauty Comes In High Definition



Makeup Artists, experts and professionals are becoming the new superstars of the cosmetic industry. Through social media, particularly Instagram and YouTube, they are creating a huge following and a direct dialogue with consumers.

This has a double impact on the demand of buyers.

First, users require HIGH DEFINITION solutions to get the same results that are shown by the professionals. To follow their advice and tutorials, consumers are looking for tools and products designed in a professional manner.

Second, the public expresses themselves through the same social channels, to gain visibility and appreciation.


Beauty brands are responding with a new direction on traditional products, with attention to foundations, blushers, highlighters. Perfection in makeup continues to be the must of the moment.

The public looks for a High Definition effect; a makeup base in line with what in the jargon is called "Photoshopped", that is, as made with the filters of photo editing programs.

Makeup has to be much more than a natural or glamour look. Perfection is expected. Social media has amplified this request, and cosmetic companies respond with innovative products and apps to meet the needs of digital consumers.

Base products such as foundation, blusher and highlighters, in synergy with ergonomic advanced applicators must guarantee impeccable professional results, customised and of the highest precision even for the less expert consumer.

No Makeup Look

A further development of this concept is the completely natural look trend. A look definitely built and not left to the qualities granted by Mother Nature, but shown as if it were a sound effect and obtained naturally.

The popularity of hashtags as #iwokeuplikethis or #nomakeup, #nofilter, lead companies to create products and tools that give the face a bare appearance but flawless, naturally luminous and radiant.

In this context, the cosmetic product cannot decouple from innovative applicators, totally in synergy with the ergonomics of the face, with the most advanced application techniques and the most advanced formulas.

TREND #5      Men Care
The man at the center of the new Age of Beauty


Grooming has become more popular in the last years among consumers and given new opportunities to companies.

The gentleman style, groomed and detailed from clothing to accessories, lifestyle and travel, is becoming increasingly popular among the male population and has great potential to impact the market in the coming years.

Some gestures like shaving with a brush, the use of skincare and haircare products have entered the daily life of a growing share of the market, not only related to the more mature population, who can share them for historical habit.

The toiletries trend for men is growing in parallel with the return to the professional to the definition of style and image. The Barber or the styler are new references (re)discovered by the male population under 60. And not just for the haircut.

In this view, the product styling and its application enter the male routine. Consumers look for old style products and gestures. Razor blade, balms and shaving creams and brushes, to embrace that 50’s barber shop vibe much in vogue.

Skincare does not depart much, along with focus on image: foundation or colored liquid formulas enter the male beauty case to give a healthier look.

Correct imperfections such as dark circles, outlining beard and eyebrows become habitual actions for the consumer, who seeks androgynous gestures for a result of a gentleman’s style.

Cosmetic companies will be brought to respond then with brands, product lines and special accessories, developed with a customized look, often positioned in the high-end market.

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