Seventh edition of MakeUp in New York


The seventh edition of MakeUp in New York marks a new success of Pennelli Faro on the stage of international fairs: major interest from the visitors and industry experts and two award-winning products with the prestigious MakeUp IT Innovation Award and exposed on the Innovation Tree.

Pennelli Faro, Italian contract manufacturer of cosmetic brushes and applicators, has received huge approval and interest from both the Technical Committee of the Exhibition and the visitors.

The Technical Committee has awarded Ecosophy and Origami® Prisma with the MakeUp IT Innovation Award as innovative make-up products and exhibited them at Innovation Tree, the space dedicated to the best innovations of the year.

Ecosophy, makeup brush with a green soul

Ecosophy, an evolutionary novelty among makeup brush collections, where the makeup brush becomes an ecological tool, answering the demand of the most exigent and fastest growing segment of the cosmetic market, the green, natural and vegan one. The handle has an organic look and a soft touch, and it is flexible for a better feeling. It has a beautiful veneered “earthy” appearance, and it is entirely made with food packaging production waste material. The hair is Dermocura® Synthetic fibre and the ferrule is recycled aluminium, for a low environmental impact product, almost completely recycled and recyclable in its components.

Beauty? Social, hi-tech and professional
MakeUp in New York industry sector experts have unveiled and illustrated the state of the art of cosmetics consumption in the US and global markets. In particular, US market sales trend statistics show a clear growth for some segments such as foundations and primers, long-lasting and waterproof formulas, eyebrows and lips makeup products.

Beauty goes through social media and for this reason cosmetic brands are looking for products and application tools that allow even less experienced users to achieve perfect and professional looks. And Origami® Prisma is the concept of applicator that responds 360 degrees to these specific market demands. Prisma is the makeup brush where the technical innovation of materials meets with the innovation that comes from studying human face shapes to give birth to a brush that becomes a professional tool, which can reach results never before achieved in terms of finish and application.

For this reason, the Technical Committee has awarded Origami® Prisma with the prestigious IT Innovation Award.

Even the countless finishing and customization possibilities that the company offers to customers have not gone unnoticed.

Pennelli Faro, contract manufacturer of cosmetic brushes and makeup, haircare and skincare applicators, has been protagonist during the show because its ranges of solutions meets the needs of the most cutting-edge cosmetic brands looking for innovative, high performance applicators and able to enhance the technical characteristics and results of the formulations. 

Pennelli Faro closes this New York experience with two new awards and with the confirmation that investment on innovation meets the emerging needs of the cosmetic market.

Thanks to the visitors and MakeUp in organization and see you on the next edition.
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