“Segno® is finger becoming hand and hand becoming finger, the new boundary in makeup application.” (Diego Dalla Palma)

SEGNO® is a creation born from the creative genius, master look maker Diego Dalla Palma and Pennelli Faro.

SEGNO® introduces for the first time an applicator mounted on a non-rigid and folding support, something extremely flexible and wearable as the string is. A never-seen concept in cosmetic applicators.

SEGNO® is the ultra-precise, wrist-wearable, pocket-size makeup brush, designed for the most dynamic makeup sessions.

SEGNO® consists of a precision brush assembled on a slack lace available in different materials. Wearable on the wrist to grant a firm grip, it fits perfectly your hand.

SEGNO® grants the user proximity with the makeup application surface to guarantee extreme precision in the hardest-to-reach face areas.

SEGNO® is highly innovative for its main features:

  • Proximity to make up surface;
  • Absolute precision in touch-ups and make up details;
  • Comfort in taking and leaving the applicator in MUA sessions;
  • Improvement of gestures for common end-consumers and greater dynamism in makeup gestures.

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