Professional women beauty care students from the Santa Chiara Institute visit Pennelli Faro


On 9 April 2015 Pennelli Faro had the pleasure of hosting some of the women students of the Professional Beauty Care Course of the Santa Chiara Institute in Casalmaggiore (Cremona).
Sara Zanafredi, CEO and President of Pennelli Faro Srl, together with Mariangela Porpora, Marketing Manager, accompanied students and teachers on a guided tour of the facilities, presenting the company and the brushes and make-up accessories which Pennelli Faro produces for top international cosmetics brands.
During the visit the students were shown various models of cosmetics brushes, receiving detailing information on their characteristics. The visitors learned what are the materials selected and used for the production of cosmetics brushes and make-up accessories. The various uses of individual brushes were explained, as well as the advantages of a "good brush" as a professional instrument.
Students and teachers were able to visit the production area for the brushes. Production takes place entirely in Italy through the expert hands of workers who for years have devoted professionalism and passion to the production of brushes for cosmetics and other uses. The students of the Professional Beauty Care Course were able to touch the individual raw materials that make up the brush, trying out brush making for themselves. Being able to experiment with constructing individual cosmetic brushes was a particularly interesting and appreciated experience for them.

Their enthusiasm clearly emerged from their written comments, below, given at the end of the guided tour.


Francesca - I loved visiting the Pennelli Faro company because it was really interesting to hear and see the production process, observe how to make a brush and touch the various materials and yarn before processing. We were received very well and with kindness, the explanations were very clear and we received a gift of two brushes and a sponge. I think Pennelli Faro is a very viable company because I have seen girls in action who love their work and are really committed.

Veronica - I liked the experience at Pennelli Faro a lot because it was interesting to learn to understand the differences between the various types of make-up brushes. We were welcomed in a hospitable way and the staff took care to make the topic as interesting as possible. I honestly did not think that this experience could be so beautiful.

Sabrina - I had the opportunity to learn about the Pennelli Faro company through my school. We were greeted by the owner Sara and the marketing manager Mariangela in a kind and hospitable way. I really liked the way they told the story of the factory and described all their products for make-up and the various techniques used. While they explained how their brushes were made we imagined that behind all these manufacturing steps there was a huge factory full of machinery. Instead I was very impressed to find that despite our living in a technological age, many items are hand-made by workers. This visit was very interesting and I would willingly do it again.

Cantali - The thing I liked most about the visit to the Pennelli Faro company was the professionalism, hospitality and the order in the production areas. This visit was very interesting and it exceeded all my expectations; also the arguments relating to brushes showed competence and passion. With this visit I discovered and learned many interesting things about the world of make-up brushes that I will definitely find useful in the future.

Orim - The visit to Pennelli Faro was a new experience, I saw how a make-up brush is produced. I thought it was a rather mundane instrument, instead it was very interesting and exciting, definitely a help for when I go to buy a make-up brush.

The owner Sara and Mariangela involved in marketing were very comprehensive and clear in their explanations and gave us good advice about how to use a make-up brush. It is certainly an experience that I would repeat and would suggest doing to all those who work or who will work in beauty care. I discovered new things that have definitely enriched my technical knowledge. I really liked the fact that some construction work on the brush is still done by hand by the staff of Pennelli Faro with passion and heart.

Pamela - With my class I attended a visit to the Pennelli Faro company in Casalmaggiore which produces make-up brushes. It was a great experience which started with a very friendly welcome. Sara and Mariangela provided all the explanations concerning the field of make-up brushes, from information on making a brush to packaging and finally selling. It was very useful to understand how the cosmetics field works. For me it was a very nice and interesting experience for my future profession.

Elisa - I went with my class to visit the Pennelli Faro company, where we received a warm welcome. The meeting was interesting and far exceeded my expectations. It was really nice to see all the work that goes into the production of a make-up brush. It was a wonderful experience that will definitely be useful in the future. Congratulations.

Anonymous - Visiting the Pennelli Faro company was a really beautiful experience. We had a warm welcome from the owner Sara and also Mariangela, in charge of marketing. I did not expect that meeting to be so interesting; we learnt to recognize the quality of make-up brushes and the features that differentiate them in their use. I loved visiting the factory and seeing how make-up brushes are still made by hand.
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