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Beauty Packaging online magazine’s article “Taking Applicators To the Next Level” features Pennelli Faro’s makeup brushes and applicators, whose popularity is growing due to innovative design, efficient application, and Italian quality.

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Taking Applicators To the Next Level

Brands are blurring the lines between professional applicators and brushes, and those designed for consumer use.
Beauty Consumers Expect Quality
Brands often work with suppliers to develop better quality applicators to market as stand-alone beauty tools, but they are also improving the types included in kits and palettes. A high-quality applicator for eyeshadow, for example, will typically have a larger flocked tip, and will cost slightly more. Suppliers say that more brands are upgrading.  The team at Pennellifaro once worked with a brand that improved its eye shadow applicator, and the product was a success on shelf. “It was a brand that was adding a brush to an eyeshadow palette. At first, they chose a very economical applicator. We advised them to upgrade to a double pointed applicator, which made a significant difference in the way the makeup was applied—and the end result,” explains Mariangela Porpora, marketing, Pennellifaro. The product was a success at retail, and the brand re-ordered the applicator in different handle colors, to promote different ways of using its eyeshadow palette to create different looks. “In this case, the applicator made all the difference in the product’s success,” Porpora says. Pennellifaro has a new brush design, described below.
Better Brush Shapes for More Precise Application
Pennellifaro has developed a new brush collection, called Tip & Blend. The brushes have a unique shape, and are ideal for applying foundation or concealer with more precision. “Blending is essential, to recreate some of the most popular makeup looks, and for contouring techniques,” says Porpora. “We wanted to come up with a better way to apply makeup by using a brush, instead of your fingers,” she explains. Pennellifaro’s new line of brushes features tips on top, which resemble small, round balls that extend from the top of a long hair brush. The tip’s unique design enables users to be more accurate when applying concealer, for example, or any makeup around facial contours. “We have a lot of interest in our new designs, which we just began showing to customers,” says Porpora.

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