Pennelli Faro welcomes the students of Istituto Santa Chiara’s Hairdressing Training School


Knowledge, skills and expertise have always been Pennelli Faro’s assets, to be promoted, cultivated and passed down to the new generations, for the transmission of high-quality Italian production, based on ‘skills in doing’, but also on ‘skills in being’. The company wishes to offer to the market not only physical objects, but also a know-how that is made of services, people, places, organization and ideas, with the typical spirit of Made in Italy: passion, hard work, attention to detail, beauty and design.

The set of technical skills and knowledge of the employees – mostly women - who are dedicated to manufacturing Pennelli Faro’s make up brushes were presented on April 13, 2016 to the students from the 4A class of Istituto Santa Chiara’s Hairdressing Training School.  For a day, these students had a chance to study the manufacturing process, know the 'tricks of the trade' and try to put them into practice under the careful guidance of expert operators involved in the manufacture of makeup brushes.

Pennelli Faro welcomed with enthusiasm the young students, who became apprentice for a day. This is an article on the visit, taken from the Istituto di Istruzione Professionale – Fondazione Santa Chiara’s blog:

Yesterday morning, Wednesday, April 13, 2016, the students from the 4A class of the Hairdressing Training School, accompanied by the Principal of the School Antonella Maccagni and the teachers Elena Monteverdi and Laura Bozzetti, visited Pennelli Faro Company in Casalmaggiore.

The class was welcomed by Sara Zanafredi, owner of the Company, and Mariangela Porpora, Marketing Manager. The visit started with a brief introduction on the history of Pennelli Faro: the company was founded initially for the production of brushes for fine arts, then in the 80’s it also started the production of cosmetic brushes. During the visit, the students have learned how to distinguish a natural product from a synthetic one, they had first hand experience with the brushes and discovered the differences between sable hair, the most precious fiber, hog bristle, more resilient, and goat hair.

Sara Zanafredi and Mariangela Porpora explained how each brush is carefully manufactured: high quality raw materials, attention to details, aesthetics and true passion. The company is focusing on research, innovation and creativity.

The visit continued in the quality lab: this was truly amazing! The class was shown how the manufacturing process of a makeup brush, in its three parts: hair, ferrule and handle. One of Pennelli Faro’s operator showed the phases and operations with great skill and speed. Some students "tried" to make a brush and found that precision and care are essential keys.

It was a great experience, both educational and interesting. Students have learned 'tricks of the trade', passion and creativity. We’d like to thank the company Pennelli Faro and in particular Sara Zanafredi and Mariangela Porpora for welcoming us into their company with such great enthusiasm.

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