Pennelli Faro on Beauty Packaging


"Pennelli Faro focuses on both makeup and skincare applicators for the beauty and cosmetic industry, and says they pride themselves on confidentiality, attention to details, investment in R&D, competitive pricing and innovation. Sara Zanafredi, CEO of Pennelli Faro, tells Beauty Packaging they have noted a change in the market for applicators.

“We can confidently state that the market and brands are switching their focus from minimalism to a new luxury,” she says. “This represents an approach more oriented to customization and further attention to the finish and texture of our products, giving an innovative perception of luxury and elegance.” On the other hand, Zanafredi says they’ve also seen increasing attention to green and healthy trends. “Sustainability is now focused on the goals of reducing plastic pollution and water consumption, in addition to the general need for responsible behavior,” says Zanafredi. “At Pennelli Faro, we strongly believe in predicting future market trends to provide ready-to-market solutions as demonstrated with our latest collections Velluto and Ecosophy, which directly address recent ‘maximalism’ and new sustainability trends.”

Pennelli Faro recently introduced a “revolutionary” model, following last year’s Fless concept of a flexible brush. The newest model named Fless (d)Detail® is a flexible concealer applicator that’s “wearable” on a finger, and that perfectly adapts itself to the finger shape. The micro-tuft is integrated into the rubber grip, allowing maximum versatility for precise movements along face features. “Fless (d)Detail®’s drop-shape facilitates simple and spontaneous gestures, making it fully multifunctional,” explains Zanafredi."

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