Pennelli Faro: More than ever “Made in Italy”! on Premium Beauty News


Pennelli Faro: More than ever “Made in Italy”! on Premium Beauty News
Premium Beauty News magazine interviews Sara Zanafredi, CEO at Pennelli Faro, on the latest novelties and on the increase of sales of the Italian company specialized in the manufacturing of high quality makeup brushes.

Below is the article published on Premium Beauty News:

Pennelli Faro: More than ever “Made in Italy”!

Pennelli Faro, the Italian company in Casalmaggiore specialized in the manufacturing of fine arts and make-up brushes announced a big increase of its sales. The company has recently undertaken to extend its production and storage area along with the construction of new offices. More than 200 sqm will be dedicated to a new Quality Control Area.

Premium Beauty News - Finally your development, these past years, is a proof that manufacturing in Europe under the “Made in Italy” seal remains a significant asset in the face of Asian competitors?
Sara Zanafredi - Yes, we have the headquarters and the entire production process in Italy, located in the historic and traditional brush manufacturing district of the Cremona area, producing some of the finest brushes on the market since 1971. A dedicated team of technicians and our investments in the research and development of new equipment, together with the constant research of new materials and manufacturing processes, keep us definitely ahead in our field. Our range of brushes covers presently the following areas: Cosmetic, Fine Art, Fashion Applications and Industry. We manufacture each brush with craftsmanship: highest quality materials, attention for the details, natural sense of beauty and true passion for what we do.

Premium Beauty News - From standard to specific products?
Sara Zanafredi - We have a wide range of brushes in our standard collections to choose from but, on top of that, we offer the possibility to create fully customized and tailor-made products. Our reliable experience and attentive customer care allow us to meet the requirements and needs of all our clients.
Details are small but affect tremendously the whole result. We take great care in every aspect of production and we consider very attentively to the inputs from customers, striving to get the magical details that transform a product into something more unique. With the support of our strong internal marketing and graphic design department, together with the brushes we can provide a full service project development. Different types of packaging solutions and POS materials that help to enhance the product’s value.
We understand how important it is for our clients to respect timing schedules and to have the products delivered on time. They can always count on our sharing the same priorities and putting a great emphasis on that!

Premium Beauty News - What new products have you launched on the market recently?
Sara Zanafredi - We launched the TIP&BLEND™ brush collection, an innovative range of brushes created to apply both liquid and compact foundation as well as make-up bases.  It was created after months of development and design research carried out by Pennelli Faro Research and Development team. This make-up brush is therefore the result of in-house innovation and, for its high-performance and cutting-edge qualities in make-up industry, Pennelli Faro decided to have it protected by an international patent.
The TIP&BLEND™ line of brushes is made with a special synthetic fibre, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and obviously cruelty free, called DERMOCURA®, which has been developed internally by our Research and Development team.
The central tip is the heart of the product, it is used to apply makeup precisely and specifically, to various areas of the face, creating those chiaroscuro effects used especially in contouring.
The lip brush, the most recently developed one, is particularly suitable for defining very precisely the lips line and then apply lipstick on the lips.
We are also having a remarkable success with our SOFT&FULL range of brushes.
As the name says, it is made with a particular type of fibre, synthetic and dermatologically tested, which gives the brushes’ head a feeling of softness and at the same time a fullness very pleasant on the skin.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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