Pennelli Faro Identifies 4 Applicator Trends on


Pennelli Faro Identifies 4 Applicator Trends on
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Pennelli Faro Identifies 4 Applicator Trends​

These future segments will set the guidelines of the cosmetics market.

Mariangela Porpora, marketing director of Pennelli Faro.

Pennelli Faro is an internationally recognized Italian manufacturer of brushes and accessories for Cosmetics and Fine Arts. We recently identified the segments that will set the guidelines of the cosmetics market.

Trend Number 1: Synthetics

Consumers worldwide are more and more conscious of the effects and impacts of their pur-chasing choices on the environment and on society—and choose products with a knowledge of raw materials and source origins like never before. At the same time, the market requires top performing items that reach the highest levels of effectiveness and innovation. Consequently, companies have to turn their choices, avoiding animal-derived ingredients and components by developing natural identical materials that overtake the performances of conventional materials. Brands are asking for only synthetic fibers.

Trend Number 2: Natural Ethical Sustainability

Sustainable, zero waste, 100% infinitely recyclable are the keywords for the era to come.
The cosmetic field is one of the most important segments of this new trend. Researchers say that 51% of purchases globally are influenced by the eco and social involvement of companies. For brands, issues such as fair trade and recyclable packaging are an imperative, as it is a stand on sustainable and social actions at the product level as much as across the company identity.

Trend Number 3: Beauty Comes in High Definition

Makeup artists, experts and professionals are becoming the new superstars of the cosmetic industry. Through social media, particularly Instagram and YouTube, they are creating a huge following and a direct dialogue with consumers. Base products such as foundation, blusher and highlighters, in synergy with ergonomic advanced applicators, must guarantee impeccable professional results, customized and of the highest precision even for the less expert consumer.

Trend Number 4: Men’s Care

The man is at the center of the new Age of Beauty. Grooming has become more popular in the last few years and has given new opportunities to brands. Consumers look for vintage-style products and gestures, such as shaving creams and brushes, to embrace that 50’s barber shop vibe. Cosmetic brands will respond with product lines and special accessories, developed with a customized look, often positioned in the high-end market.
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