Pennelli Faro Digital Days 2022


In this fast changing world, the needs of the cosmetic market are evolving towards a clean and sustainable approach of beauty.
At the same time, luxury is becoming the key to offer consumers a unique experience.

The market is going towards specific evident needs.
If on one side the importance of a sustainable approach is becoming a must, at the same time, consumers and stores require safe solutions concerning testers and minisizes.
In addition, we reveal a growing attention towards a vision of luxury that is strongly connected to extreme customization.
In this landscape we, in Pennelli Faro, are giving our clients cosmetic brushes and applicators developed to satisfy the needs of their consumers based on these growing trends.

We would like to share with our partners these solutions by inviting them to our DIGITAL DAYS, April 4th to 8th.

PENNELLI FARO'S DIGITAL DAYS 22 is a virtual event held online with 3 free webinars and online meetings.

The webinars are dedicated to introducing the growing market trends and the specific solutions in terms of cosmetic applicators and brushes.

At the same time, our team is available for our clients to fix online meetings to develop customized projects based on their needs.

Join the online webinars and fix your meeting

The webinars are dedicated to marketing and purchasing departments, in makeup, skincare and haircare branches. To join the three events, attendees can simply reserve their seats by registering via our Zoom area.

Here find the topics:

April 4th h. 5pm | SUSTAINABLE CLEAN BEAUTY: innovation and applicators. Subscribe here.

April 6th h. 5pm | INSTORE TESTERS & MINISIZES: new habits and luxury gift. Subscribe here.

April 7th h. 5pm | BEYOND LUXURY: textured finish and bold customization. Subscribe here.

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