Pennelli Faro awarded at The Innovation Circle Awards – Cosmoprof Asia 2016 - Hong Kong


The innovative Vegan Geometric Hair Care Brushes Collection developed by Pennelli Faro has been awarded winner in the category: Best Innovation Hair at The Innovation Circle Awards - Cosmoprof Asia 2016 – Hong Kong.

The awarding ceremony was held on November 15 during the Cosmoprof Asia show at the AsiaWorld-Expo.
Pennelli Faro is proud to announce this important victory and to unveil the innovative features of its new series of brushes for hair care, that was inspired by care for professional hairdressers’ and their clients’ need, by attention to details and materials, by the ethical approach and the idea of their team, representing a peak of excellence in Italian creativity.

Vegan Geometric Hair Care Brush Collection

Vegan Geometric Hair Care Brush Collection, 100% made in Italy, made of synthetic hair dermatologically tested, velvet touch effect, which can be used even on sensitive or irritated head skins.

Geometry stands out in the brushes head and in the handle. Defined curves and edges have been studied to give comfort and precision to the application, to make finally really easy the emploie of the brush in every hairdresser-type working condition.

Thinking of real people using our haircare treatment brushes collection, these are the key points to highlight:
  • control of the amount of product collection from the bowl/jar thanks to the medium-small size of the brush
  • precision of the area of application given by the geometric shapes of the head brushes
  • delicate application even on sensitive head skin thanks to the dermatologically tested synthetic hair
  •  it doesn’t roll down from the product bowl being the handle flat
  •  no slip away from hands: the 3d printing of the handle creates a grip surface, important when hands are most of the times wet or dirty
  •  can be used with different textures (creamy, oily, gelly, etc)
  •  can be sold to professionals and to final consumers combined with a treatment product
  •  can be sold on every market (no natural hair export issues)
  • geometric shape to easily place the treatment product facilitating the application in small areas such as the hairline, especially in the forehead zone and behind the ears.
  • synthetic hair dermatogically tested extremely silky, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, suitable for every treatment texture and ethic oriented
  • beautiful gradient earth calling hair colour (customisable)
  • resistant in terms of resilience and time durability

  • handle shape: squared, anti-rolling system
  • small size to handle and to store it easily
  • plastic material, nickel free, suitable even on sensitive skins and easy to clean
  • grip-printing effect for a secure handling in any condition (wet/product dirty hands)
This is our recipe. No animal components, no nickel, 100% made in Italy design and production, just an extremely silky brush, geometrically sculpted and dermatologically tested to make the moment of the hair treatment application an easy and pleasant gesture and moment for both the operator and the customer.
How was the concept for our innovative Vegan Geometric Hair Care Brush Collection conceived?

During a passionate brainstorming at Pennelli Faro: haircare pros were in our thoughts…

We did want to keep our feet on earth but to let our minds flying to find the right inspiration. The starting point was to give birth to a cosmetic brush able to really help hairdressers in their daily job solving the little obstacles they face when placing masks or lotions on the head.

It was actually the word “Legends”, inspiration theme of the Innovation Circle Award – Cosmoprof Asia 2016, leading us and driving our minds to the word “respect”: respect for the human means respect for who we are, what we do and where we live. Respect means care.

This idea helped us in pushing further our focus, involving also the customer. What we now wanted was to give the hairdresser a tool able to transfer his care. It was in examining in depth the hairdressers need we came to the beautiful history of the Egyptian queen Berenice whose offering her beautiful long hair to gods was so appreciated they placed her cut hair in the heavens, for all to see. Three stars formed a triangle above the sky, the cluster Berenice's coma.

This was our inspiration for the head brushes: geometric shapes, triangle, circle and square inspired to the ancient Egyptians knowledge and a synthetic hair dermatologically tested to act with the maximum respect and care on customers’ head skin.
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