Jody Formica for Tip and Blend brush


Video review performed by the famous Makeup Artist from New York City, Jody Formica, which reviews the new and innovative foundation brush Tip and Blend.
I’m Jody Formica, a Makeup Artist out of New York City and here is my beautiful friend Diletta and we are going to show you the new Tip and Blend brushes from Pennelli Faro.
They are amazing. This new design is really genius. There is a beautiful soft domed bristles and an exaggerated little tip in the centre that allows you to get precision and beautiful blending, all in one brush.

I’m going to start with foundation and I can apply the foundation directly to the tip. I don’t have to put it on the back of my hand, which allows me to avoid a mess and bacterial contamination and I’m just going to dab this where we need, with dots here and there, Diletta has a really beautiful skin, so we don’t have to go crazy with a lot of foundation.
With the brush we can get a really beautiful blend, bringing it in circular motions.
The brushes are dermatologically tested and cruelty free, which always makes you feel better about a product that is cruelty free.

And with the smaller brush I’m going to approach the eye area. It allows for a very precise placement with the little tip. So, I’m just putting the concealer right on the tip and it allows you to dot the product just where you need it. I’m working it just in the inner corner of the eye and along the contour.
So, having used a cream concealer I’m going to go straight to a powder product now.
It is a highlighter. Same brush and I’m not concerned about going from a cream to a powder, because the brush actually allows you to do that, since these synthetic fibres allow you to go from cream to powder and powder to cream.
And now I use the highlighter on the cheekbone and the precision of the brush makes it so easy to get a nice highlight, a lot around the eye.

And here we come going with a medium size brush, using a powder.
So, after I have applied all the colour, the highlighter, the contour, the bronzer and the blush, this is what I can go in and perfect any little imperfections that we naturally have. I can use in just the tip, I am using a concealer and with just a touch it’s concealed because I’ve used the precision tip of the Tip and Blend brushes. That makes it so easy !

So with these brushes you can create an entire face. You have your foundation, your concealing product, your highlighter and the contour and colour, all at your fingertips… or at your brush tips!
The Pennelli Faro brushes make it so easy to apply every complexion product, because they are beautifully silky allowing for a perfect blend. They have the precision tip that allows for precise placement in those very intricate, delicate little areas. Then you can buff it out and get a perfect blend with the beautiful domed bristles.
They are really the best brushes that I’ve ever tried !!


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