Interview in MakeUp in Paris


Introduction - Presentation of Pennelli Faro (employees, facilities, since how long it exists, management...)
Pennelli Faro is the Italian internationally recognised manufacturer of brushes and accessories for Cosmetics and Fine Arts. Specialised in private label and contract manufacturing, is located in the North of Italy, in Casalmaggiore, close to the Italian cosmetics district of Crema.
Founded in 1971, Pennelli Faro is specialised since the beginning in the field of Fine Arts brushes, where the combination of shape-hair-colour-technique is always very sophisticated.
That has allowed us to develop a sensitivity and technical precision that make the difference.
The company is in constant expansion and 2017 was a milestone year, marking the doubling of the turnover and reaching a yearly production of 4 million pcs.
In 2018-19 we are planning to double the sizes of our production plant and logistics facilities in order to increase our production capacity.
What is the size of your production tool (or) what is your industrial equipment?
Since the early 90’s we have focused on the constant improvement of the production process, that fuses functional automation together with human supervision.
The internal R&D Department was created in 1996 with the aim of improving technology and manufacturing processes perfectly answering the needs of a demanding and constantly changing market.
Now we can say that the production process in Pennelli Faro is highly automatized, even if, quality control and inspections, due to the specifics of the product itself, require the control by a specialised workforce.
Everything needs to be very focused on a constant investment in innovation of production processes, equipment, R&D and product development.
We are proud to say that Pennelli Faro is one of the highlighted companies in the field of brush manufacturing in terms of patents on products, production processes and raw materials.
For example:
  • DERMOCURA® Fibre: in 2008 we patented our own synthetic fibre for cosmetic brushes (dermatologically tested, tested for sensitive skins, hypoallergenic, vegan and 100% cruelty free)
  • Soft&Full®: Pennelli Faro patented technology, is an example of innovation of industrial equipments. Thanks to a particular production technology, the number of fibers per surface unit has been increased up to 30% compared to average density brushes. The controllable density to flexibility ratio gives an incredible puff-like feel and, at the same time, the perfect necessary firmness.
  • Tip&Blend®: our precise applicator for lining and contouring makeup
  • Origami® brush collection: with its particular shape developed on ergonomic studies of the face
  • and the most surprising one: FLESS® brush, the first and unique flexible makeup brush on the market.
Could you tell us more about your new launches/collections?
Pennelli Faro has recently renewed the whole assortment of ready-to-go collections: items that our clients can appreciate as ready to market, developed to answer quickly to consumers’ needs. These ranges are constantly renewed with best selling products and trend setting items.
We cannot avoid to mention the Ecosophy brush range: a 100% ecological brush, developed for the brands addressing the green market.
Which one in particular are you presenting at MakeUp in Paris?
MakeUp In Paris will see a focus on these innovations: starting from Soft&Full® technology in DERMOCURA® fibre.
With DERMOCURA® each project can be unique, custom-made and developed in synergy with the product formula, in order to obtain the best performances in terms of application and results.
Our top clients in MakeUp In Paris will be able to have an exclusive presentation of our surprising FLESS® brush, the first flexible brush.
FLESS® is a perfect combination of what is Pennelli Faro’s DNA: the synergy between product technology and product concept.
We are investing a lot on these innovations and we are ready to introduce it on the market and to share our new expertise with the top players of the beauty industry.
The Asian competition is strong in brushes, how Pennelli Faro distances itself?
We strongly believe in our Made In Italy, and we are bearers of this label that means a constant research in terms of competitive innovation and product development.
Our company, thanks to our 50 years of expertise in the Fine Arts field, continues to invest on innovation: starting from the innovation of production equipments focusing the attention on very efficient production systems and facilities, all in order to support with automated and lean processes the manual production.
All those innovation processes are possible thanks to our long tradition and deep knowledge of the subject that allows us to keep our quality standards very high, and our Made In Italy manufacturing always competitive in terms of price positioning.
This is our savoir-faire: we love to say that “We are Brush Makers”.
If I say "synthetic fibre" or "natural hair", what would you respond?
We register a strong trend towards synthetic fibres for many reasons: for ethical reasons such as sustainability and a green approach, but also for technical reasons.
The quality of natural hairs is subject to swings in terms of availability and the level of quality of natural hairs has quickly decreased in the last ten years.
As manufacturers, we started studying synthetics more than 15 years ago, when the market was not ready for that and it was considered only the “low cost” alternative to natural hairs.
We can prove that synthetic fibres perform even better than natural hairs.
In 2008 we patented or own synthetic fibre, DERMOCURA®, that is now one of the most innovative and versatile fibres on the market.
Visitors of Make Up In Paris can Experience the Feeling™ of DERMOCURA® at our booth and can discover the infinite possibilities of developing their own “Brush Formula” with us. 
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