Design of three lines of brushes for Shaka Innovative Beauty

Design and production of three lines of brushes for OVS points of sale, branded Shaka Innovative Beauty, supplied in full-service modality.

brushes collections:
  • CONTINUATIVE LINE with black handle and ferrule: wide range with professional shape brushes in dermatologically tested synthetic yarn, accessories, make-up sponges.
  • SUPPLEMENTARY LINE with fuchsia handle and black ferrule: range of dermatologically tested synthetic yarn brushes and accessories
  • LIMITED EDITION with Pantone colour handles and black ferrule: one-shot range of single or multifunction double brushes, supplied with a maxi Plexiglas for points of sale
Each line is accompanied by ad hoc information leaflets and transparent PPL packets.
Supply shipping is carried out in pre-allocated modality per point of sale.
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