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Learn more about the features of the new Dermocura® cruelty free synthetic fibre: the evolution of make-up brushes.
Dermocura® fibre The evolution of the revolution™
Dermocura® fibre The evolution of the revolution™. An advanced fibre developed by Pennelli Faro for the next generation of cosmetic brushes. Experience the feeling™.
Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic
Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. Performing and gentle. Specifically designed thinking about sensitive skins, the sensory and technical performances obtained have been extensively tested for a total certainty of epidermic contact compatibility. Patch tests and human irritation tests have been conducted to confirm those features.
Vegan and animal free
Vegan and animal free. A combination of quality, personality and sustainability empowering beauty. In a cosmetic world more and more willing to be virtuous, Dermocura® is the ecologically sound fibre. Create your synthetic brush range dressed up with your values without compromising either on ethics or on technical results.
One powerful fiber. Shape+formulation. The definition of customers' needs leads to tailor-made solutions. Thanks to our expertise in techno polymer processing we have gained complete control of the material properties. We can modulate flexibility, consistency and aesthetical features of Dermocura® fibre to comply with the most restrictive requirements.
Mix&Fit for a perfect cosmetic brush. Knowledge matters. Dermocura® synthetic fibre gives the possibility to enhance the quality of make-up formulation studying the perfect match between the shape of the brush and the variety of synthetic yarn characteristics. We can obtain the features we want in order to respond to your needs. It's all about knowing how to do it.
Shape memory behaviour
Shape memory behaviour. Excellent technical features and performance. Dermocura® fibre is different. Traction resistance: during the cosmetic application, many forces act on the brush head and hair, stressing the natural weak points and affecting the durability. The flawless surface generated by the manufacturing process elevates the breakpoint well above the level of natural hair. Resilience: Dermocura®’s intrinsic factors allow a shape-memory behaviour of the head brush during and after the use with an excellent and unmatchable recovering action. Durability: it definitely passes the test of time...
Silky like no other
Silky like no other. Every touch is an experience. Fine bright reflections and a gorgeous look. Just as natural hair, Dermocura® fibre is produced in single conical filaments having a root and a point. The point is the first part touching the skin. Use a cosmetic brush with Dermocura® and you will get such a velour effect, that application will feel like a massage. Touch the difference. Opacity and capability to absorb the light with low reflection, give it a natural hair look, no matter if full-tone or gradient colour.
Nothing else feels like Soft&Full™. Density and softness. A new level of tactile perception. Soft&Full™ fibre, born within the Dermocura® project, is where the extraordinary properties of synthetics have been pushed even further. Thanks to a special technology the number of hairs per surface unit has been increased up to 30% compared to average density brushes. The controllable density to flexibility ratio gives an incredible puff-like feel and, at the same time, the perfect necessary firmness.
Give it a colour, style your brush all the way
Give it a colour, style your brush all the way. The fiber is fully customisable. Dermocura® is colour-chart selectable in full tones and gradient natural shades, so you can pick the colour from a palette just like you do with makeup, coordinating the hair with a ferrule and the handle. Add the soul and concept of your brand to your cosmetic brushes.
Set-in-shape unique technology
Set-in-shape unique technology. A peculiar way to construct the head of the brush ensures that it keeps the shape over time. The brush head silhouette is given during the very first production step. In this way the best part of the filament, the point, is preserved. The stable non-slip surface of Dermocura® fibre lets us control it and fix it in a secure way to avoid hair loss.
Like natural hair. But better
Like natural hair. But better. Designed to match the advantages of natural material, and exceeding them with the ones of an industrially repeatable product, Dermocura® permits to control the surface and its roughness, and therefore the capability to collect the product. Cosmetic products adhere to the fibre and then spread evenly on the skin.
Dermocura® Fibre. The evolution of the revolution™.
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