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Pennelli Faro, brushes that give shape to the beauty. 

Pennelli Faro, a name and a product.
As a matter of fact, there are actually almost 40.000 unique products. When talking about make-up, brushes are not mere accessories, but rather a detail making all the difference. As an Italian company that has been manufacturing brushes and applicators since 1971 for both Cosmetics and Fine Arts, Pennelli Faro knows that very well. The make-up product’s performance is inextricably tied to the quality of the applying brush.

It is on the quality of their brushes that Pennelli Faro built their own worldwide success. The biggest brands and the most important perfumery shops chains are Partners of Pennelli Faro, not “simply” Clients. A collaboration built daily thanks to the determination, love for her work and professionalism of Sara Zanafredi, CEO of Pennelli Faro, together with her team. A team of over 50 people that, just like her, dedicate themselves every day to give beauty its own shape.


When talking about make-up, brushes should not be considered as mere accessories, but rather as tools able to enhance a make-up product’s performance – tells us Sara Zanafredi – Our partners, the companies who develop formulas for the big brands with whom we collaborate in strong synergy, know that very well. Using the wrong brush or low-quality brushes can bring to awful results, even when using a high-quality and well-developed formula.


At Pennelli Faro, we have always believed in quality and innovation. Pennelli Faro’s products are the result of huge research efforts related to the materials, product’s design, and ergonomics. No detail is left out and everything is studied in order to make the brush the tool giving birth to the artist’s creativity, be it on a canvas or on a human face. – emphasises the CEO, Sara Zanafredi – Today, our biggest challenge is to achieve those performances with a “green” interpretation.

In order to obtain that, we are constantly working on sustainable materials coming from waste of food packaging manufacturing or recycled plastic. This concept is well represented in our Ecosophy range, a brush patented with handle made of recycled and recyclable materials, and with soft, delicate synthetic fibres.


Our vocation towards sustainability displays itself in a constant research for substantial performances with respect for the environment.
In practical terms, this effort means turning to sustainable materials, utilising the least amount of materials needed, and turning to chemistry only when strictly necessary for achieving the performance expected from our brushes. For us, sustainability also means producing in the most “green” and responsible way.

Since the renovation of our manufacturing plants in 2015, we are now self-sustainable from the energetic point of view. All energy that we use is self-generated in a sustainable way: originating from a sophisticated geothermic plant and photovoltaic panels. Sustainability is for us a wide project that relates both to our products and our business mindset. Being innovators involves all of this.


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