Cosmopack 2018: memorable edition for Pennelli Faro


A memorable edition of Cosmopack 2018 for Pennelli Faro.
We launched the biggest innovation in the makeup applicator sector and were protagonists of many events and projects in collaboration with the most important players of the Italian and international beauty industry.
Cosmopack 2018: memorable edition for Pennelli Faro


The focal point of the Bologna event was the world premiere launch of FLESS®.
FLESS® is the first flexible brush.
The surface of application changes its shape according to the applied pressure: the result being the maximum possible adaptability to the face and body shapes.
To have an exclusive presentation of FLESS®, send an email to or visit our Contacts section.
Cosmopack 2018: memorable edition for Pennelli Faro


Pennelli Faro participated in the project of collective intelligence conceived by Centdegrés for The Cosmopack Factory for the development and creation of a makeup product with a unique and never-seen-before concept.
We are very proud of the product that was created based on our patented Origami® Infinito brush, which combines a new gesture in the application of make-up with a specific attention to ergonomics.
This ambitious and exciting project confirms the potential of “collective intelligence”, that arises when actors representing the excellence of the beauty industry join their forces.

Cosmopack 2018: memorable edition for Pennelli Faro


Saturday, March 17th Sara Zanafredi was a guest of Elie Papiernik as speaker at the conference "TIME TO MARKET & AGILE DEVELOPMENT. A mirage, a nightmare or a dream for creativity?".
The focus allowed speakers to underline the importance of different aspects of agile thinking and the collaboration among various players in the development and innovation of cosmetic products, leading to unique results of innovation and growth.
With Sara Zanafredi, guests of the conference were Sonia Cerato from Quadpack and Juan Mantilla from Kiko.


Cosmoprof interviewed Sara Zanafredi to understand what the value of Made in Italy is and, in particular, how the concepts of agile development, time-to-market and ‘collective intelligence’ are fundamental for a sector and a market in which the time of realisation and marketing are no longer established by the brands, but rather dictated by request from the market.

Read the full interview on the Cosmoprof website

Special thanks to all visitors for their interest and enthusiasm. Thanks in particular to Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna - Cosmopack and Centdegrés and to all the partners for the visionary project of Powderful.
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