Cosmetics Design interviews Sara Zanafredi at Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong 2016


Simon Pitman reporter for Cosmetics Design interviews Sara Zanafredi, CEO of Pennelli Faro, at Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong 2016, about Pennelli Faro’s success at the show and about their new collection of geometric vegan haircare brushes, that won a prize at the Cosmoprof Asia Innovation Circle awards.
SP: Hello this is Simon Pitman reporting for Cosmetics Design from Cosmoprof Asia. I have here with me today Sara Zanafredi who is the CEO of Pennelli Faro, a make-up brush manufacturer based in Italy.
Welcome Sara, our pleasure to have you here. So I understand you're highlighting a range of vegan make-up brushes. And can you tell me about this?

SZ: Yes, we developed this short line of haircare brushes, totally vegan brushes so 100% cruelty-free, we use only synthetic materials, our own fiber that we developed in 2009, that is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic and we use a very particular design handle, totally in plastic, with a sort of grip surface to help the hairdressers in their works.

SP: Ok I understand this, obviously the vegan claim, taps into one of the big trends in the industry now. How do you think that's helping to promote this line?

SZ: Yes, we trust very much this kind of claim because we feel that more and more consumers care for this kind of claim and philosophy, and that's why we are going to move more and more to synthetics instead of natural hair.

SP: I understand actually this line has been recognized here at the show with the Cosmoprof Innovation Circle Award for this product. Can you tell me about that award and what it means to your company?

SZ: Well we are very proud and we take a lot of efforts in developing this short line of brushes and then we won the award so it's a good opportunity for us to highlight this line and the company too.

SP: Great, and I understand you've been to the show many times before as an exhibitor but obviously there's a new concept this year, two actual exhibitions in one event. And how has the event been for you?

SZ: For us it goes very well we're really very very satisfied, we had a lot of contacts and a lot of business opportunity and the main important thing is that we have very good contacts so we are really satisfied.

SP: That's great. Sara thank you very much for speaking to us, it's been a pleasure thank you.
So Simon Pitman reporting for Cosmetics Design from Cosmoprof Asia here in Hong Kong.
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