Cosmetic Applicators: innovation is the key – conference at MakeUp In Los Angeles 2018


At MakeUp In Los Angeles 2018 Exhibition, the Conference “The Cosmetic Applicators” moderated by Gerald Martines, Founder and President of IN•SIGNES, has highlighted how prominent is the role of makeup brushes in the success of a makeup product and how innovation has a key role in tools that are now eventually and correctly considered protagonists of the makeup routine.
Brands and the makeup industry have a new awareness of the central position of makeup brushes and innovation is the key.
At MakeUp in Los Angeles workshop, the moderator invited speakers to outline their point of view on innovative technologies and possibilities manufacturers of cosmetic applicators can offer the Beauty Industry.
Innovation is in materials, especially on synthetic fibers.

Synthetic fibers offer opportunities never seen before, in terms of performances, precision, uniformity, repeatability and reliability.
For Pennelli Faro the concept of synthetic goes beyond the idea of the ‘first generation’ of synthetic fibres, which simply imitates natural hair. Imitation is an underestimation.
Synthetic polymers, for us, are the new frontier. There are a great potential and new opportunities to consider. We are the first who have developed a synthetic fiber dermatologically tested, suitable for the most reactive and sensitive skins: Dermocura® fibre.
Dermocura® is the synthetic fibre for makeup brushes offering new horizons and benefits that cannot be reached with a simple mimic of naturals.
Innovation is in production processes.

Our company, thanks to our 50 years of expertise in cosmetic and fine art brush manufacturing, has already developed and innovated the production process with a continuous investment on upgrading machinery equipment and tools.
Our deep knowledge of the subject and of the traditional gesture of the production allow us to constantly invest in solutions that can substantially change the approach to brush manufacturing and therefore to offer the market solutions that are really unique and innovative.
Innovation is patented and tracks new paths in the market
Pennelli Faro is one of the companies that owns the biggest number of patents in South Lombardy, near the Cosmetic Crema District.
For example, we have recently patented a range of shaped brushes, Origami®, that has followed the path of patented Tip&Blend® range, two of the most innovative concepts of functional advanced novelties on the horizon of makeup brushes.
And we keep investing on innovation: 2018 will see the launch of the biggest revolution in makeup brushes, the most innovative concept of makeup application, a solution that will unavoidably change the market of cosmetic brushes.
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