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"Our World is coloured with a lot of friends that we do not know but that we recognize every day in the tracks of millions of small signs left on the face of people to disclose perfect shapes of light and colour".

This initiative, that has been carried on during the years, has the function to show the art of make up in different shapes and possible meanings. Make-up is an art old like man generation and it is still used, not only in everyday make-up, but also as 'transformation' of the person.
Since 2001, in 'Travel books' the research is proposed with different photos, similar to small reportages, that fix on the paper scenes and events.

I Kalash, Pakistan

It is often asked who are these Kalash tribes, placed closed to Afghanistan, wedged between narrow alleys, unapproachable and inaccessible for a long period of the year, surrounded by towns of strong Muslim religion observance, left to themselves because different from the others. Kalash is the only not Muslim population surrounded by Islam in all cardinal points.
Their origin is not sure and the legend speaks about them as fugitives from Alexander the Great Army coming back from India. And if we look at them we can see that they are not so different from Europeans, even in their way to act. Differently from their bigot and strict neighbours, these Kalash are happy people that like laughing, singing, dancing and comparing themselves to strangers.
The religion, in fact, is polytheist with various rites and gods linked to agriculture and to pastoral activities, but Chitral, Pakistan North West region, where Kalash people were established, is also one of the cradles of Buddhism and the adoration of Zoroastro left a strong influence.
Since for having access to Kalash valleys we cross the most obscurantist regions of the Planet, we arrive there having in the eyes images of a world without women, or covered with burka, of villages without life where going out with weapons is normal. In these places we are protected by high fortresses that reject all kind of break or delay. When we arrive in Kalash it is like opening a door in the World as we left it. People look at you, talk to you, listen to you, smile at you and do not wear weapons. We feel again the pleasant experience of being deep absorbed in the landscape looking at Kalash women with their shall turbans, wearing necklaces and bracelets, wandering across the village, meeting together in groups for chattering.

They do not seem particularly engaged in their job, maybe they prefer to show themselves to the rare tourists, as a challenge gesture to the World that surrounds them.
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