CEO Sara Zanafredi speaker at Cosmotalks 2018


Sara Zanafredi, CEO and President at Pennelli Faro, will be speaker at the conference of Saturday 17th March at 4:30 pm at Cosmopack.

“COLLETTIVE INTELLIGENCE IN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY” is the focus of the talks modarated by Elie PAPIERNIK, Managing Partner, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Centdegrés.

Abstract of the conference:
Time to market & agile development. A mirage, a nightmare or a dream for creativity?
The world is changing at a fast pace. Product cycles are getting shorter. Luxury and beauty groups are asking for quicker time to market. Brands, like their clients, require high vivacity, but considering the competition, they also need high creativity.
How can we, actors of the beauty industry, re-think our methodologies and organisations to keep up with this new rhythm, while remaining qualitative, innovative and audacious?
Is it a positive challenge, pushing the industry to move? What are the methods?
With Sonia Cerato, Category Manager Makeup Division Quadpack and Juan Mantilla, Design Manager, Kiko.
Seats are limited and preregistration is mandatory to take part in Cosmotalks at
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