Istituto Ganassini chooses Pennelli Faro as partner for the development of the skincare brush for Rilastil brand mask "Aqua".
We want to thank Rossella Giovannini, International Marketing Manager, who reveals the behind the scenes of this project. 

In which way is your Aqua brush unique and innovative?
As Istituto Ganassini, we seek excellence both in our products and in those supplied by our partners.
Precisely for this reason we were immediately impressed by ECOSOPHY® 2nd Life brush by Pennelli Faro, which in addition to lending itself perfectly to the application of our masks, a purpose for which it is dermatologically tested, stands out for the reduced ecological impact that characterizes it.
The ECOSOPHY® 2nd Life brush, in fact, is made from post-consumer recycled plastic from common packaging and bottles, demonstrating the attention to the environment and the consumption of raw materials that also characterizes the commitment of Istituto Ganassini.
What did you appreciate in working with Pennelli Faro?
In Pennelli Faro we have found more than just a supplier, but a real partner with whom to face the challenges that the contemporary world presents. 
The ability to innovate, through a careful process of research and development, is evidenced by the great efficiency and flexibility of the solutions that have been proposed to us, always in the name of great professionalism and fairness.
What is the value of having Made in Italy brushes in the range?
Istituto Ganassini is an Italian company, leader in dermocosmetics, committed for years in the field of sustainability.
The meaning of this, over the years, has evolved from the mere concept of environmental sustainability, also acquiring social overtones.
This means that every company, to be sustainable, must have a 360° positive impact in the territory in which it operates.
This is why it is an added value for us to be able to collaborate with Made in Italy companies, when they meet the high standards that we require at Ganassini.
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